15 Trout Flies You Must Tie



Hook: Regular dry fly hook, size 10.
Thread: Black 6/0.
Body: Flat silver tinsel.
Underwing: Yellow calftail hair.
Wings: Mallard flank feathers.
Cheek: Jungle cock.
Hackle: Grizzly.

Frank Hornberg, a game warden from Central Wisconsin, created the Hornberg in the 1920s. He called it the Hornberg Special, and designed it to imitate a caddisfly. I don’t know when the Hornberg became known as a streamer, but Col. Joseph Bates included this pattern in his book, Streamers and Bucktails: TheBig Fish Flies. Okay, that was Bates’s opinion, but I use the Hornberg as a dry fly, especially when the trout are feeding on adult damselflies. I spent some time considering whether I should include this pattern in this article, but I have had such great success using this old fly that I had to share it with you. Fly Tyer contributing author Sharon E. Wright tied this version; she followed the classic pattern recipe, but you may omit the jungle cock cheeks.