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Summer 2024 - Volume Thirty , Issue 2


Deer Hair’s Versatility

The entire anatomy of this handsome mayfly pattern is deer hair.

Barry Ord Clarke

The Lily Hopper

Cast deeper into cover, where the lunkers hang out, with this weedless pattern.

John E. Wood

The Murder Chicken

A lark turns into a fly.

Drew Chicone

Briny Muddlers

This proven fish-catching pattern can be adapted to appeal to a wide variety of fish.

Bob Lindquist

The Split-Tail Wiggler

A big cousin to the Wee Willy Wiggler, this pattern will help you catch big fish.

Craig Riendeau

ON THE COVER: Detached Deer-Hair Body Mayfly


Editor’s Bench


Russ Lumpkin

First Wraps

What’s in Your Wallet?

Anthony Smith

One Fly

The Decimator Cicada

Dave Zielinski

Materials Notebook

Tube Flies for Toothy Fish

Robert Streeter

Match the Hatch

Water Walker

Tim & Joan Flagler

Final Wraps

Snag Basher

Scott Sadil