15 Trout Flies You Must Tie



Hook: 3X-long dry fly hook, sizes 18 to 10.
Thread: Black 8/0.
Body: Black Superfine dubbing.
Underwing: Black goose or turkey wing quill.
Wing: Black deer hair.

Pennsylvania fly fishing legend and Fly Tyer contributing author Ed Shenk says he tied the Letort Cricket a couple of years after creating his famous Letort Hopper. He got the idea for his cricket imitation while watching that storied stream’s trophy trout eating crickets and refusing his grasshopper. In some ways, the Letort Cricket has been more successful than the Letort Hopper. Ed says he caught a 3-pound trout the first time he used the new fly. He also caught a Letort trout that measured 27¼ inches long and he estimates weighed close to nine pounds using this pattern. It’s always more fun catching fish using your own flies!