15 Trout Flies You Must Tie



Hook: Regular wet fly hook, sizes 18 to 12.
Thread: Size 8/0 (70 denier).
Body: Antron dubbing.
Sheath: Antron dubbing.
Wing: Elk hair.

I received a copy of Gary LaFontaine’s important book, Caddisflies, as a Christmas gift more than 30 years ago. For me and countless other anglers, Caddisflies was a revelation. The research and thoroughness were impeccable; LaFontaine set a new standard for writing about fly tying and fishing. One of Gary’s flies, the Sparkle Pupa, mimics a caddisfly migrating from the bottom of a stream or pond to the surface. Some versions of the Sparkle Pupa are weighted and designed to fish deep, but this example, which is topped with a small wing of elk hair and has no added weight, imitates a caddis pupa that is just beginning to emerge into a winged adult.