plume tip

Quill Plume Tip

This color-specific, upright-wing pattern represents a mayfly dun, but Jeremy Lucas would say I’m overthinking his simple and extremely effective pattern. Triggers include the upright CDC wing profile, ribbing, and bulky thorax. The monofilament thread and EP Fibers give it superior floatation. I follow Vince Marinaro’s thoughts on lightweight patterns, and balance and move the wing closer to the hook’s midpoint. I also tie a bulky thorax to “hug the surface of the water closely.”

Variant of Jeremy Lucas’s Plume Tip

Hook: Tiemco TMC100BL, sizes 20 to 12.
Thread: 10/0 clear Benecchi Ghost Mono (60 denier).
Tail: Microfibbets or coq de Leon.
Abdomen: Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers—brown, olive, yellow, and PMD.
Rib: Veevus Body Quill, BQ08.
Thorax: EP Trigger Point Dub—brown, olive, yellow, and PMD Wing: Cul de canard.

Click here to watch the video to make the Plume Tip fly.