College Fly Fishing Club Pitches In

A small knit group of like-minded anglers at West Virginia University are sharing their passion for fly fishing with other students, and taking some time to clean up trout streams close to campus.

Metro News reporter Chris Lawrence recently spent some time with the WVU Flyfishing Club, which includes about 30 members, though the club’s president, Justin Brouse, said everyone comes together for reasons greater than just fishing.

“It’s not really about getting a club together to go fishing because you can’t fish 30 people in a stream,” Brouse said. “It’s more about getting people together to do charity events and cleanup work for the state of West Virginia.”

But the shared time on the water is just a small part of the club’s function. According to Brouse, the group also helps Boy Scout troops earn their fly fishing badges, collaborates with Trout Unlimited projects, and organizes its own stream cleanup campaigns on Deckers Creek (a tributary near the college that empties into the Monongahela River).

Nice work; Go Mountaineers.