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Top 5 Fly Tying Articles for 2021

We’re always interested in what our Fly Tyer readers are looking for, so we decided to look up some of the top fly tying articles and videos that you read and watched for 2021 at FlyTyer.com. What were the top 5 stories on the Fly Tyer website for 2021? Check ’em out!

5. QUICK FLY: Hare’s-Ear Nymph

The Hare’s-Ear Nymph is an iconic pattern. It is very “buggy” and imitates many food sources found in many waters. By varying the size, color, and texture of dubbing, and making modifications such as adding a soft hackle, this generic fly can mimic midges, caddisflies, mayflies, stoneflies, and even small minnows. First, however, it is important to learn the basics of tying this fly. Once you do, you will be able to apply these techniques to many other patterns.

Get the pattern and watch the video on how to tie it here.

4. 6 Overlooked, Dependable Carp Flies

Carp might be the most challenging freshwater fish you will ever try to catch on the fly.  Learn these secret techniques and patterns for catching this widely available fish.

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3. Beginner’s Masterclass with Tim Flagler – Build A Better Bugger

The effectiveness of a Woolly Bugger can’t be overstated; for whatever reason, this pattern just works. But not all Woolly Buggers are created equal, and there’s significant room for creating fresh patterns using new materials and different proportions.

Get the pattern and watch the video on how to tie the Woolly Bugger here.

2. Deciphering Thread Size

Do the thread sizes listed in pattern recipes confuse you? Selecting the proper thread is far easier than you think.

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Our No. 1 story for 2021! — 15 Trout Flies You Must Tie

Whether you are a beginner or just want to up your game, the following patterns are guaranteed to catch fish.

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