QUICK FLY: Hare’s-Ear Nymph

THE HARE’S EAR NYMPH IS AN ICONIC PATTERN It is very “buggy” and imitates many food sources found in many waters. By varying the size, color, and texture of dubbing, and making modifications such as adding a soft hackle, this generic fly can mimic midges, caddisflies, mayflies, stoneflies, and even small minnows. First, however, it is important to learn the basics of tying this fly. Once you do, you will be able to apply these techniques to many other patterns.

Hare’s-Ear Nymph

Hook: 1X- or 2X-long nymph hook, sizes 18 to 10.
Weight: 10 to 15 wraps of nontoxic wire.
Thread: Black 8/0 (70 denier).
Tail: Guard hairs from a hare’s mask.
Abdomen: Light tan hare’s-mask dubbing.
Rib: Gold oval tinsel.
Thorax: Dark brown hare’s-mask dubbing.
Wing case: Mottled turkey tail.

Tying the Hare’s-Ear Nymph

Need more weight or bugginess? Try Tim Flagler’s beadhead Hare’s Ear Nymph: