TIM FLAGLER LIVE – A Tale of Two Flies

You definitely don’t want to miss this one! Our good friend Tim Flagler is here to tie up not one, but two, killer patterns; the CDC & Elk Caddis and the classic Sparkle Pupa.

The recipes for each fly are below.

CDC & Elk Caddis

Hook:  Fulling Mill 5050 Ultimate Dry, black nickel, size 16.
Thread:  Tan UTC 70 Denier.
Body:  Rusty dun CDC feather (the long kind, not the puff).
Wing & Head:  Short/fine deer hair, bleached.

LaFontaine’s Sparkle Pupa

Hook:  Fulling Mill 35085, black nickel nymph, size 16.
Thread:  Tan UTC 70 Denier.
Sheath: Cream Spooled Antron Yarn.
Body:  Olive green Rabbit fur dubbing.
Wing:  Short/fine deer hair, bleached.
Thorax:  Brown rabbit fur dubbing.