MEGA-Jerk 10″ Pike/Musky Fly

by Gunnar Brammer

This video lays out the updated format for the MEGA-Jerk: Hooks, Rigging, Rattles, Wire, etc., as well as showcasing the step-by-step instruction for tying it without the use of Custom Dubbing Brushes.

The Stack and Pack version is a little more intensive and time consuming, but the end result is the same. Massive profile show, full length of the fly, that can be created more or less on demand with a short hard strip. This functionally allows you to read a fishes behavior and present the bait broadside at the opportune moment.

This “Jerk” action is derived from a handful of principles outlined in the video and can be understood from the flies rigging – Keeled to control the plane the action will take place in, Heavy rear hook (with additional weight added, as well as rattle) to create a momentum train, and a lightweight nose to reduce nose dip.

Materials Used:
Hooks: Ahrex PR320 6/0 (2x) – 1.4 gram ea.
Paul Monoghan Mono Rig: 60lb Mono, Glass Bead, Fastach clip, 4mm Glass Rattle and Large Rigid Tubing
Keel Weight: 0.030″ Lead Wire 4″ long per hook, 0.7gram ea.
Material Dams: SF Blend
Wing: Big Fly Fiber Straight
Flash: Polar Flash
Flash Tail: Magnum Flashabou
Overwing: SF Blend
Body Dams: Flymen Fishing Co 1/4″ Body Tubing
Head: Strung Fuzzy Fiber blended with Wing N Flash
Eyes: 2D Sticker Eyes 3/8″