Grasshopper Season on the Bighorn

LABOR DAY WEEKEND MARKS THE END OF SUMMER, the beginning of school and football season, and great fishing using high-floating grasshopper imitations.

The angler in this photo is enjoying good fishing on Montana’s Bighorn River, but you’ll find grasshoppers and other terrestrial insects almost anywhere a trout stream flows through fields and grassy areas. The insects fly, fall, or are blown onto the water, and the fish munch on these easy meals. Let your grasshopper land with a plop, and retrieve the fly with small twitches to make it look more alive.

The Bighorn Trout Shop supplied this great photo. Contact them for the latest fishing report, to book a guide, or buy the newest flies! www.bighorntroutshop.com (As I write this, their latest fishing report says the best ‘hopper fishing is occurring on breezy days. A variety of mayfly and caddisfly hatches are also hatching.)