In 1990, when Alan Woolley was asked what he called this fly, he is said to have responded, “It doesn’t need a fancy name, it’s just a damn ant.” Mark Bennion replied, “But it’s an f-ing Chernobyl Ant!” Fish this unsinkable fly as a grasshopper, beetle, or just about any other kind of terrestrial. The Chernobyl Ant imitates a high-protein meal trout can’t resist, and variations of the pattern have won numerous Jackson Hole One Fly contests.

Chernobyl Ant

Designed by a group of Green River (Utah) guides
Hook: Daiichi 1280, sizes 14 to 10.
Thread: Black 6/0 (140 denier).
Body: 2-millimeter-thick closed-cell foam, brown and tan.
Legs: Round rubber legs.
Sighter: 2-millimeter-thick closed-cell foam, orange.

Watch a version of the Chernobyl Ant by Tim Flagler in the video below: