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CHALK – THE MOVIE – what its all about

The chalkstreams of the south of England may not be the mightiest rivers in the world: they’re not raging torrents, gouging their way through mountains; in places they look almost narrow enough to hop over; they’re not especially long. But they have exerted far more influence on the way that rivers, lakes, seas and oceans worldwide are fished than their size might suggest.

60 million years ago retreating seas left enormous chalk deposits in a great band across the south coast of England. Rising from this rolling landscape are 85% of the world’s chalkstreams, fed from groundwater aquifers and filtered by the porous rock. The alkaline nature of the chalk provides a clarity and nutrient mix of water that, when combined with the rivers’ gravelly beds, make them precious habitats for invertebrates and the animals that feed on them – including the legendary chalkstream brown trout.

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