A Throwback Orvis Podcast with Dave Klausmeyer

Back in 2016, Fly Tyer editor, Dave Klausmeyer was invited to talk with Tom Rosenbauer about Dave’s Golden Rules for fly tying. Plus, Dave talks favorite synthetic materials and in true podcast fashion, they ramble a bit. Its a great conversation for beginning, expert fly tiers, and everyone in between. The interview start at the 39-minute mark.


(from Orvis)

This week, the main part of the podcast is a long interview with Dave Klausmeyer, editor of Fly Tyer Magazine. He talks about his Golden Rules of Fly Tying and then also gives his 10 Cannot-Do-Without natural and synthetic materials. If you keep count, you will find that Klausmeyer is even worse at addition than I am.

In The Fly Box, we ramble from fishing soft hackles to checking fly lines and backing for damage. There are also a couple questions about finding big rainbow trout feeding in still, shallow water. And we have a couple great lists of suggestions from listeners—one on ways to carry a second rod when wading; the other on “suggestions for a novice from a kinda novice.” If I keep getting great responses like this from listeners, I can let them take over the whole podcast.

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