Bluegill: Fly Fishing’s Little Magic Bullet

SURE, WE LOVE TYING FLIES THAT CATCH THE GLAMOR FISH—trout, salmon, steelhead, permit, and more—but don’t underestimate the lowly bluegill!

Do you ever get tired from wading swift rivers or frying on hot saltwater flats? Lightening up your tackle, tying on a simple panfish fly, and catching a few bluegill is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon on the water. The fishing is easy and the fish are almost always plentiful. What’s not to love?

Flymen Fishing Company, the manufacturer of innovative fly tying beads and much more, make a strong argument for enjoying some fine fishing that is as close as your local pond. flymenfishingcompany.com/blogs/blog/bluegill-fly-fishings-little-magic-bullet?mc_cid=186bbc9719&mc_eid=c4001b1db1