Watch Hans van Klinken Tie The Klinkhamer Special

Hans has created many wonderful fish-catching flies, and he travels the world giving fly-fishing and tying demonstrations. Hans is always warm and welcoming, and everyone enjoys his humor and good cheer. And, everyone always learn a lot!

Tie the Klinkhamer Special and Catch More Trout


If you have never met Hans, here is your chance to watch him tie one of his most famous flies, the Klinkhamer Special. Any advanced-beginner and intermediate level tier can make this pattern, and it does not require unusual or expensive materials. The Klinkhamer Special is what we think of as a good “fishing fly.”

Make a few Klinkhamer Specials for yourself and try them on your favorite trout stream. We know you will catch fish! 

Hans van Klinken – Klinkhamer

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