by Tim Flagler

I call this tasty little steelhead snack the Winter Wonder. It’s a way simplified version of a steelhead nymph I’ve been tying and fishing for years. In this form, it’s easier to tie, sinks much faster, and tends to be more durable, yet is no less effective. Sometimes simpler is better.

 Winter Wonder

Hook: 2X-short, 3X-heavy grub hook (here a Fulling Mill FM5115), size 10-16.
Bead: Black nickel tungsten, 1/8-inch.
Weight: Lead-free round wire, .020.
Adhesive #1: Superglue.
Thread: Peacock blue, 140-denier or 6/0.
Rib: Black Ultra Wire, medium.
Thorax: Blue Steelie Ice Dub.
Collar: Tying thread.
Adhesive: Head cement.
Note: Tie this pattern in colors to match the naturals