Tying the Pearl Slipper

This fly will help you catch big fish under the most difficult conditions.

[by Walt Grau]

The Pearl Slipper is an effective imitation of a migrating shad, salmon smolt, or smelt that is migrating downriver. Fish this pattern using a 250-grain or heavier line and a stout leader. Tying on the Pearl Slipper using a Rapala loop knot allows for maximum action during the retrieve. The oval beads I use came from a craft store, but the Pearl Slipper is just as effective tied with round beads. Whatever type of beads you use for the center of this streamer, the Pearl Slipper will catch fish.

The Pearl Slipper

Trailing hook: Gamakatsu SC15, size 2 or 1.
Thread: White 3/0 (210 denier).
Tail: White hackle tips and white marabou fluff.
Front hook: Any strong hook with a ½-inch-long shank. (We will cut off the hook at the bend.)
Connector: 1/8-inch-diamenter oval pearl craft store bead and 25- or 30-pound-test Dacron backing line.
Underwing and body: White ultraviolet-treated synthetic hair.
Wing: Natural mallard flank and black Krystal Flash.
Hackle: White and black deer hair.
Eyes: Painted dumbbell.

Tying the Pearl Slipper