Tips for Hackling Dry Flies

In this and the following two tips, we share ideas about using dry fly hackle. Why spend so much time talking about hackling dry flies? The truth is that we have 8 or 10 methods of applying dry fly hackle. The ultimate goal in these three tips is to produce small thread heads.

Here’s another tip for tying a very small head on a dry fly, and get this: We wrap the collar using two hackles. It’s so easy, we are almost ashamed to share it. The key word is almost. Who said fly tying tips have to be hard?

Have you ever noticed that some flies tied with a mix of grizzly and brown hackles do not always look consistent? In some cases, the brown almost drowns out the grizzly, while in others the colors look more even. Here are a couple of tricks we use so all our flies with mixed hackles look the same.