Send a Fly-Win a Prize


Send a copy of your fly, along with the written pattern recipe and a brief description of how you tie, fish, or invented it, to Fly Tyer magazine, Reader Favorites, P.O. 131, Ellsworth, Maine 04605. Everyone who submits a fly, whether or not it appears in the magazine, is entered in our contest to win a prize.

This time, one reader will receive a signed copy of editor David Klausmeyer’s book 101 Favorite Nymphs & Wet Flies (Skyhorse Publishing).


CLICK HERE for more details on submissions.

(from Skyhorsepublishing.com)

An invaluable reference for beginning and experienced fly tyers alike.

101 Favorite Nymph and Wet Flies is the latest from acclaimed writer David Klausmeyer to complement his recent volume, 101 Favorite Dry Flies. Whether you are a beginner seeking a comprehensible fishing guide or an experienced tyer yearning for the newest and most effective techniques specific to wet flies and nymphs, this book has it all. Each nymph or wet fly is wonderfully captured with its own clear photographs and complete set of instructions. Not only does Klausmeyer highlight insightful tips and fishing strategies on specific flies, but he also offers historical keynotes pertaining to that pattern.

Included within are numerous images of materials and tying tools. Learn to master the classic patterns, but also discover the latest flies with suggested commercial fly-tying gear. Detailed text is provided for imitative flies, containing explicit hatching information depending on the season and location.

In 101 Favorite Nymph and Wet Flies, Klausmeyer teaches the fundamentals as well as innovative methods on how to properly excel in fishing. Fly tying is a highly esteemed fisherman’s craft, but also an art form. Avid sport fishermen will treasure this book and gain even more in-depth knowledge.