SIGNED COPY Dubiel’s Pop-N-Fly: Tips, techniques, and suggestions on fly fishing with the Pop-N-Fly rig

(from Flymen Fishing Company)

Renowned fly fishing guide Captain Gary Dubiel has developed an innovative method for catching giant fish on the fly.

Limited signed copies available.

While originally designed for redfish, the Pop-N-Fly has proved to be effective for numerous other saltwater and freshwater species, including speckled trout, false albacore, cobia, striped bass, smallmouth bass, lake trout, and more.

This concise 23-page full-color booklet provides valuable insight specifically designed to help anglers better fish Captain Gary Dubiel’s Pop-N-Fly for not only North Carolina’s trophy red drum (redfish) but for many other salt and freshwater game fish as well.

Learn tactics, tips, and fly patterns that have worked well for Captain Dubiel and adapt those techniques to your home waters and the species you pursue.

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