QUICK FLY: Partridge & Orange

Tie a Perfect Hare’s-Ear Nymph

[by Al Ritt]

The Partridge & Orange is a historically significant pattern. Wet flies are important, simple, and elegant patterns that were mostly developed in Europe and migrated to North America. Tiers around the world continue adapting these flies for meeting new situations and catching new species of fish. The skills used to tie the Partridge & Orange are useful for making historical softhackles as well as newer, popular flies.

Partridge & Orange

Hook: 1X-long wet fly hook, sizes 18 to 10.
Thread: Orange 8/0 (70 denier).
Body: Orange floss.
Rib: Fine gold wire.
Thorax: Tan or brown hare’s-mask dubbing.
Hackle: Gray partridge.

Tying the Partridge & Orange