The Irish International Fly Fair 2017

Our friends across the pond will be celebrating the 10th annual Irish International Fly Fair 2017 at the Killyleagh castle in Northern Ireland this July. This non-profit event will feature tyers from all over the world and opens its doors on July 1st and 2nd in Killyleagh, Northern Ireland.

“Whilst the IIFF is mainly about fly fishing and the art of tying and dressing flies, it takes in all aspects of the environment. The Trust’s continued overall aim is to conserve and promote the natural stocks of sea trout in Strangford Lough through the improvement of the ecology and natural spawning beds in the Dibney River. However the Dibney River is only one of the rivers that flow into Strangford Lough and for us to succeed we need to promote the debate on wider conservation issues – for example what would be the impact on our native sea trout population of artificial hatcheries in or around Strangford Lough? And to what extent is our natural sea trout population taken into account when considering salmon farms around the coast of Ireland? Come to the Fair and participate in the arguments – and hear about our progress to date [1st phase completed 2014] and what is planned in moving forward with our proposed river works in 2017.”  – from irishinternationalflyfair.com

To learn more about exhibitors, guest tyers, competitions, and more, go to www.irishinternationalflyfair.com.