Inaugural Fly Tyer of the Year Award

Tell us who you think should win this prestigious award.

Who is the best fly tyer in the world for 2021? You tell us!

The Fly Tyer of the Year should possess exceptional tying skills. We might even use the patterns he (or she) ties as models for the flies we make. His tying methods should show us what is possible with hooks, thread, floss, dubbing, feathers, flash materials, and any other materials we might find in our local fly shops. Perhaps this tyer is pushing the limits on what can be done with the newest ingredients to create fresh flies, or perhaps he is simply a master at tying the classic patterns.

We don’t expect that this tyer regularly makes all types of patterns for catching every species of fly-eating fish. A fellow whose home waters are the rivers and streams in the Adirondack or Catskill Mountains might tie very few flies for catching bonefish and tarpon, and a diehard saltwater fly tyer may never make a pattern for matching the hatches commonly found on our western rivers. But, the Fly Tyer of the Year should create flies to suit his immediate fishing purposes and possess the skills necessary to make other types of patterns.

Importantly, the Fly Tyer of the Year must be an ambassador for our craft. He should have a proven track record of helping beginners and novices learn to tie flies by offering classes, workshops, and presentations, and also willingly share his hard-earned advanced tips and tricks with fellow experienced tiers.

In addition to teaching fly tying by offering face-to-face instruction, the Fly Tyer of the Year might share his knowledge by authoring books and magazine articles, appearing in tying videos, or perhaps offering live online fly tying events.

Cast Your Vote

Send your nominations for the Fly Tyer of the Year (you may submit more than one) to [email protected]. We’ll announce the winner in the winter issue of the magazine. Click here to subscribe.

Deadline for nominations is October 1.

In addition to winning our well-deserved praise, the Fly Tyer of the Year will receive a wonderful bronze sculpture provided by Ott Jones Wildlife & Sporting Sculpture.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Fly Tyer magazine would like to thank our sponsors of the Fly Tyer of the Year award: Scott Fly Rods, Dyna-King, and Ahrex Hooks.