A Grassroots Approach to Help Victims of Harvey

More and more brands, both big and small, are stepping up to the plate to help those who have been affected by the devastating hurricane that has left the Texas coast in dire need. Below are just a few ways that you can help send much-needed aid to the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Nautilus Reels For Harvey

(from Nautilus Reels)

We are auctioning custom Nautilus reels for charity. 100% of
sale prices on eBay will be donated to charities helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

A total of 5 reels will be listed, and every reel sold $200 over retail or more will result in the addition of one more reel. Up to 10 reels will be listed so please donate generously to the Harvey relief effort! We will cover any shipping and handling fees to ANYWHERE in the world.

Thank you for contributing!


  YETI Donates 100% of Online Sales

(from yeti.com)


The Gulf Coast has been hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Join us in supporting recovery by donating to the American Red Cross or the Operation BBQ Relief, two organizations which are providing food, clothing, and shelter to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. If you can, please donate to the American Red Cross here and Operation BBQ Relief here.

Additionally, YETI is donating 100% of sales from YETI.com and our Flagship store on September 1st directly to relief funds for the Gulf Coast region. Orders must be placed by 11:59pm CST on Friday, 9/1. YETI Flagship is open from 10am-8pm on 9/1. Applicable to available inventory only.


Howler Brothers T-Shirt Fundraiser

(from howlerbros.com)

Our home is in Texas. Our headquarters is in Austin, but we have friends and neighbors all over this State.  Like everyone, we are deeply feeling the current situation in our State and looking for ways to help.  We are launching the Howler for Harvey T-Shirt with 100% of all proceeds going directly to relief efforts in Texas. We will research the best places to impact the effort and direct our donation accordingly. Get a shirt and help out. Please.

CLICK HERE to donate.

Hell’s Bay Boatworks  T-Shirt Fundraiser

(from hellsbayboatworks.com)

We want to do everything we can to help the great state of Texas during this crisis. So right now, we are selling shirts to raise money for those most in need.

All proceeds will be donated to the Texas Red Cross.

CLICK HERE to donate.

Free Fly Apparel Shirt Donation

CLICK HERE to shop Free Fly.

Flood Tide Co. T-Shirt Pre-Order Campaign

(from floodtideco.com)

Okay, here’s the deal. We received so much great response and messages from everyone wanting to help out and buy a t-shirt, but many of you are understandably too far away or too busy to be able to attend the Tailer’s Ball with us. So, we decided to offer pre-orders of the tees online so we can all help out a little bit more right now.

The t-shirts will still be available at the Tailer’s Ball.
***This is a 2 week pre-order with shipments going out post-Tailer’s Ball. This way we can start helping now and not wait for the tees to be printed and shipped first.

All proceeds are going to help hurricane relief efforts in Texas through select non-profits in coordination with 1% For The Planet.

CLICK HERE to help.