Bob’s Surf Candy

by Svend Diesel

The Surf Candy is a pattern created by Bob Popovics and is used primarily in the saltwater to imitate different baitfish. It can be tied in almost any color combination to match any species that one would desire to imitate.

The pattern has evolved over the years from using bucktail, to polar bear fur (Illegal now in the US), to ultra hair and now with the variety of synthetics available the options of color and material are endless. The thing that I most like about this pattern is the ability to manipulate it so easily to imitate anything you see. The length is easily adjustable to be 1″ to 10″.

For this video I used the original material of bucktail, adding a Fly Skinz tail to replace the hackle feather used and the addition of a Lateral Scale. The options for making the body are endless as well, but for time and simplicity I used UV resin. Apply the resin like icing a cake, thin beads all the way around and then spread around. The trick is to always be spinning your vise and use the appropriate resin at the appropriate time. Make sure to cure the resin fully or if you use epoxy wait the full cure time before fishing. Tie some up in your favorite color combos. Add some more flash or try a new material. Have some fun and fish them.

The Recipe:

Hook: #ahrexhooks NS115 size 2
Thread: #semperfli waxed thread 8/0
Tail: #flyskinz thin finz large
Body: Bucktail with EZ body for the over body
Lateral scale: Hedron
Eyes: to fit
Resin: Use a thick flexible resin and cover with a thin hard no tack. .