Ed Shenk’s Map

I was on a quest. It began when I read Ed Shenk’s book, Fly Rod Trouting.

[by Jerry Plaaten]

I have been at this trout-fishing game for 55 years, and have gone through the various stages most of us experience: wanting to catch any trout, wanting to catch a lot of trout, wanting to catch big trout, and then only wild trout, and so on. Recently, I started reading the most important fly fishing books I had missed while growing up. Ed Shenk was one of the authors.

In the very first chapter of his book, he describes the LeTort Spring Run that he knew while growing up in Pennsylvania. This was an eye-opener for me as he details the stream’s twists and turns, the holes, the names of the various areas, the physical surroundings, and where to find fish with a wealth of detail that I had never run across before. It was totally captivating. And I thought: someone has got to get Ed Shenk to make a map of the LeTort as only he knows it. That was the beginning of my quest…


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