Flymen Fishing Company’s New and Improved Fly Tester

(from Flymen Fishing Co.)

NEW 2020 Edition Fly Tester Improvements

The 2020 Edition Fly Tester has the best features of the original Fly Tester along with several design and functionality improvements specially designed for every fly tyer to have one on their fly tying table to test and demonstrate their flies.

  • Portability and protection – The 2020 Fly Tester comes in a stylish carry case with a protective foam interior, and at a third of the size and weight of the original 2014 model, the NEW Fly Tester is highly portable and easy to store in your fly tying den
  • Easy to clean – The Fly Tester’s new removable streamer fly testing tube makes it a breeze to keep your Fly Tester crystal clear
  • 2X more affordable – The new Fly Tester is at a much more appealing price point

We are now opening pre-orders for the 2020 Edition Fly Tester. Reserve your new Fly Tester today by pre-ordering. We will be producing a limited number of Fly Testers and we wish to guarantee you will be able to get one.


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