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Polar Fiber Streamer

Polar Fiber Streamer I remember when Polar Fiber Material came out, very fine like the Beard on a department store Santa. Back then the material was called Polar Fibre - Unfair Advantage. Back then the streamer head was coated with Softex but over the years the head would yellow. I have substituted the Softex with Solarez UV Flex. The drying time is eliminated. Materials: Hook: Circle Hook Thread: Size G Mono Body: White, Red and Chartreuse Polar Fiber Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash Head: Solarez UV Flex Resin Eye: Living Eyes

Pattern Used:

Fly Fishers International – 2020 Fly Tying Challenge

(from FFI) FLY TYING CHALLENGE Overview: The Fly Tying Group is proud to announce the Second Fly Fishers International (FFI) Fly Tying Challenge.  Open to everyone regardless of skill level. (Members...