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Polar Fiber Streamer

Polar Fiber Streamer I remember when Polar Fiber Material came out, very fine like the Beard on a department store Santa. Back then the material was called Polar Fibre - Unfair Advantage. Back then the streamer head was coated with Softex but over the years the head would yellow. I have substituted the Softex with Solarez UV Flex. The drying time is eliminated. Materials: Hook: Circle Hook Thread: Size G Mono Body: White, Red and Chartreuse Polar Fiber Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash Head: Solarez UV Flex Resin Eye: Living Eyes

Pattern Used:

Fly Fishers International – 2020 Fly Tying Challenge

(from FFI) FLY TYING CHALLENGE Overview: The Fly Tying Group is proud to announce the Second Fly Fishers International (FFI) Fly Tying Challenge.  Open to everyone regardless of skill level. (Members of the Fly Tying Group Board of Governors are not eligible to enter the contest). There are 5 categories: Overall, Dry Fly, Wet Fly, Nymph/ Crustacean...