Reader Favorite Flies

Bullet Head Extended Body Hopper

Here is a fly that will float on top of the water forever. Imitates a grasshopper. Techniques to learn are how to use foam for an extended body, and how to...

Truform Hendrickson Mayfly

Truform Hendrickson Mayfly (Fly Designed by Paul Weamer) Paul Weamer did a lot of research with the fly design, incorporating the shape and angle of how a mayfly sits on the surface film. So much so he had designed a hook and had Daiichi manufacture it. Many variations can be done with tying this fly. Either a parachute post under the shank of the bent part of the hook or just cut wing and even tying a compara dun for the wing. Materials: Hook: Daiichi Specialty Hook 1230 Size 14 Thread: Red 8/0 or 6/0 Tail: Medium Dun Microfibetts Body: Hendrickson Super Fine Dubbing Pinkish Wing: CDC Feathers Hackle: Ginger Hackle Post: Brown Antron Yarn