Reader Favorite Flies

Dave’s Hopper

Dave’s Hopper is a grasshopper imitation, when summer is in full swing these insects find themselves falling into the water and becoming food for fish. This pattern floats high on the water because the deer hair is hollow and while packed in a dense spun head keeps the fly floating for a long time. Once you master spinning deer hair you will find that it really is easy. Just practice and this will be second nature Materials for Dave’s Hopper Hook: 3XL Hook such as a Daiichi 1720 (Sizes 6 to 10) Thread: White or Grey 3/0 Tail: Red Bucktail Hackle: Brown Hackle Palmer ribbed through the body Body: Yellow Yarn Collar: Deer Hair Tips Head: Spun Deer Hair Optional Legs: Pheasant Tail knotted