Spring 2024

Spring - Volume Thirty , Issue 1


Skwala Stoneflies

The stonefly without a common name.

John Shewey

Antron Caddis Pupa

This stylistic imitation of caddis pupa can help you catch more fish.

Barry Ord Clarke

Coastal Style

Four types of flies will help you match the circumstances you’re likely to face during the spring migration of stripers.

Mike Rice

Inspired by La Fontaine

A great tier’s influence on one man.

John Wood

Tips #19

In their latest installment of tips, Al and Gretchen build on ideas shared with them by other readers of Fly Tyer.

Al & Gretchen Beatty

ON THE COVER: Muscle Man Skwala


Editor’s Bench

The Double Badger

Russ Lumpkin

First Wraps

Thoughts on Fly Design

Eric Pettine

Bass Bugging

The Tri-lobal Two

Robert W. Streeter

Beginner’s Corner

The Blood Dot Egg

Tim Flagler


Glenn Zinkus

Dave McNeese