SPRING - Volume Thirty , Issue 1


The Doctors Are In

A master fly tier shares his tricks for creating this family of beautiful full-dress salmon flies.

Eric Austin

Critical Wing Buds

Big fish eat only big flies, right? WRONG! Our author says wing buds are an important trigger that fool trophy trout into striking tiny midges.

John E. Wood

Where I Tie—Special Edition

See where some of your fellow readers create their favorite fish-catching flies.

The Jiggly Pat’s

Our 2022 Fly Tyer of the Year designed a fresh nymph imitation you must add to your fly box.

Tim Flagler

Extended-body Stonefly

Make an adult stonefly that floats all day using closed-cell foam and an unusual fly-tying tool.

Barry Clarke

ON THE COVER: Blue Doctor


Editor’s Bench

Beat the Winter Blues—Tie These Flies

David Klausmeyer

First Wraps

Spey Fly Splendor

David Klausmeyer

Match the Hatch

The Beacon Hex

James R. Ross


Steve Silverio—Fly-tying Idea Man

David Klausmeyer