Autumn 2023

Autumn 2023 - Volume TWENTY-NINE , Issue 3


Tying the Bergman Wet-Fly Collection

The author spent an entire winter tying and framing 440 classic patterns. You can too!

Les Korcala

The Airy Caddis Pupa

Make this semi-realistic pattern using common fly-tying ingredients.

Nadica & Igor Stancev

Flies of the Rogue River

Pack these patterns for a trip down the Wild & Scenic section of this legendary steelhead river.

John Shewey

Chicone's Warhead Whiting

The snook were feeding in the skinny water along the edge of a beach. Drew studied the problem and created this new fly.

Drew Chicone

Tie a Better Clouser

The Clouser Deep Minnow is a great pattern. Our Fly Tyer of the Year subĀ­stituted some materials, tinkered with the design, and made it even better.

Tim Flagler

ON THE COVER: Longear Sunfish


Editor's Bench

The FFI Helps Us Tie Better Flies

David Klausmeyer

First Wraps

The Rocket Man Who Ties Flies

David Klausmeyer

Salt Water

Bend-Backs Are Better

Ron Mayfield

Bass Bugging

Rice's Fighting Crayfish

Al Ritt


John Wood: Fly Tying and Fishing Are Good for the Mind and Body

David Klausmeyer