Fly Tying Materials Storage

by Tim Flagler

Organizing and storing your fly tying materials is a rather personal thing. So much depends on how long you’ve been tying, how much space you have available and the type and quantity of materials you have, or can anticipate having in the future. That said, the following is my method for organizing and storing tying materials.

It has been an evolutionary process with various methods falling by the wayside over better than 40 years of tying. Also, please keep in mind that I’m not really a recreational or commercial tier. I’m much more a fly tier that produces videos and gives tying instruction online, in-person and virtually. So, here goes, starting with the smaller efforts of my organizing and storing system, then working my way up to the larger ones, with a few notable departures along the way.

Fly Tying Materials Storage

How I like to safely store and organize my fly tying materials. This is part of a series of Tim Flagler’s collaboration with Fly Tyer Magazine. Check out his article about the fly in the Summer 2023 issue of Fly Tyer Magazine.