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White Death Zonker
Gregory DeAngelis, Cranbury
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Lil nat
Eric stapelfeld, Temple
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Seedskadee Brownie
Stacy Goodrick, Rock Springs, WY
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Latham Emmons, Bloomington
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Flashback Black
Matthew Jakeman, Cow Bay
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Papa Boil
Rick Killion , Bowling Green

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Winter 2021

Gaudy Wet Flies of the Golden Era

Master tier Lee Schechter shares tips and tricks for creating some of the most beautiful patterns in the history of American fly tying.

Favorite Flies for the Bighorn River

Our author shares 26 of the best patterns for catching trophy trout on this famous river.

The Return of Wally Wings

Learn how to make two realistic mayfly wings using only one feather.

Chicone’s Magnum Mantis

All of our favorite saltwater flats game fish eat shrimp, and they love this fly. Tie it, cast it, and hold on tight!

A Tube-Fly Primer

Tube flies are perfect for making extra-large flies for catching pike, musky, and many saltwater species.

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