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White Death Zonker
Gregory DeAngelis, Cranbury
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Lil nat
Eric stapelfeld, Temple
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Seedskadee Brownie
Stacy Goodrick, Rock Springs, WY
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Latham Emmons, Bloomington
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Flashback Black
Matthew Jakeman, Cow Bay
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Papa Boil
Rick Killion , Bowling Green

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Autumn 2020

18 Classic Steelhead Flies

Sean Dahlquist Champions Classic Northwest Steelhead Flies This young tier says the timeless patterns still catch fish.

A Caddis Larva for All Seasons This trout-catching pattern will quickly become one of the most important flies in your nymph-fishing fly box.

Tying Parachute Dry Flies—My Turn Tying parachute dry flies is hard, right? Learn the tricks for making these important patterns.

The Jelly Bean Scud Think of this fly as candy for trout. They’ll love it!

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