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Check out the latest products that will help you tie better flies.

Tying  on  the  Go
Do you like to travel with a few fly-tying supplies? Orvis’s new Safe Passage Tier’s Bag is a terrific way to organize, protect, and transport tools and materials in a light, convenient package. The Safe Passage Tier’s Bag ($95) features one external zip pocket customized to secure small tools, and another long external pocket designed to hold almost any vise. Individual internal zip pouches hold any materials. There are also two tubes to hold spooled materials such as thread, tinsel, and floss.

look for the Safe Passage Tier’s Bag at your local Orvis dealer, or go to to see the entire line of Orvis products.

New  Signature  Hooks
Belvoirdale continues to add to its line of premium Gaelic Supreme hooks. Syl Nemes Soft Hackle Wet Fly Hooks feature Sproat bends and a bronze finish. These hooks are available with turned-down or turned-up eyes. And in addition to the typical “even” sizes, the Syl Nemes Soft Hackle Wet Fly Hooks ($7.95 per package of 25) also come in “odd” sizes—17, 15, 13, and 11.

For bass-bug aficionados, Belvoirdale has introduced the Gaelic Supreme Chris Helm’s Extra Wide Gape Bass Hook ($9.95 per package of 25). These heavy-wire, 3X-short hooks have round bends and a triplebronze finish. While designed for tying deer-hair bass bugs, the large size 1 hooks are perfect for making deer-hair pike and muskie flies, and the smaller size 10 irons are excellent for short-bodied Marabou Muddlers.

For more information or to purchase these hooks, call Belvoirdale at (215) 886-7211, or go to

Two Are Better Than One
Ron Abby, the head honcho at Dyna-King, has been manufacturing terrific vises and tying tools for more than 25 years; he’s always designing new products that help us tie better flies. Now, with the Dyna-King Tandem Vise, we can more easily create the large saltwater and pike flies that normally require two vises.

The Dyna-King Tandem Vise features two premium Dyna-King Barracuda heads on one base. You can mount a hook in each vise, and connect the hooks using heavy monofilament or wire, or place a hook in one vise, and string mono or wire to the second vise to tie a tail or wrap the body of the fly. You can even spread the vises apart to create flies 18 inches long! (And, of course, you can use just one vise head for tying regular flies.) The Dyna-King Tandem Vise retails for $465.

You’ll find the Dyna-King Tandem Vise at your local fly shop, or go to

We're Listening
English fly-tier Steve Thornton’s newest book is Listen to the River, Volume 2. Steve is well known as a leading tier of realistic trout patterns; his articles have appeared in our magazine, and he demonstrates his methods at fly-fishing shows throughout Europe and the United States. In his latest book, he shows how to create a bevy of realistic patterns suitable for fishing. All the tying photographs and descriptions are easy to follow, and this spiral-bound book is easy to use at the tying bench. While not a beginner’s “how to” book, intermediate and advanced tiers will delight in Steve’s ingenious methods and use of materials.

for more information, go to

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