Le Reynard
le Reynard


Le Reynard

Hook: Your choice of double or single Atlantic-salmon hook, sizes 8 to 2.
Thread: Black or red 6/0 (140 denier).
Tip: Extra-fine gold or silver oval tinsel.
Tag: Silk floss to match the color of the hackle. (On the Black Reynard, use fluorescent red floss.)
Tail: Speckled guinea fibers.
Body: Flat tinsel, color to match the tip. (The body of the Black Reynard is made of black floss.)
Rib: Medium gold or silver oval tinsel. The color of the rib should be opposite the color of the tinsel body.
(Use a gold rib over a silver tinsel body, or a silver rib over a gold body. Use a silver rib, however, when tying the Black Reynard.)
Wing: Red-fox guard hair with fire-brown tips.
Hackle: A neck, saddle, or schlappen feather dyed to match the tag.

Note: The Reynard, designed by Keith Fulsher, is more of a general design than a specific pattern. As the author describes in his article, you have a lot of latitude when selecting the colors for the tag and hackle. You can also use either gold or silver tinsel for the body. (Summer 2005)


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