Great Trout Patterns of the West

Bob Jacklin, Guy Turck, and Shane Stalcup are three of the West’s leading fly developers. But don’t be fooled by their geographic location: Their patterns catch trout anywhere.
by David Klausmeyer

These three flies are just a sample o what you’ll find in Rocky Mountain Trout Flies: A Postcard Book, by Fly Tyer editor David Klausmeyer.












South Branch Chub
tied by Bob Jacklin
West Yellowstone, Montana

The South Branch Chub is a small streamer. Streamers are flies designed to look like small fish. Big fish eat little fish, and big trout definitely eat the South Branch Chub. It is an excellent pattern for catching brown and rainbow trout.. Bob Jacklin owns Bob Jacklin’s Fly Shop, in West Yellowstone, Montana.

Hook: 4X-long streamer hook, sizes 8 and 6.
Thread: Black 6/0.
Body: Flat gold tinsel.
Rib: Fine gold wire.
Wing: Monga ringtail hair and teal flank feather.
Cheeks: Jungle cock.











Turck’s Tarantula

tied by Guy Turck

Jackson, Wyoming

Turck’s Tarantula has become smash hit for matching large stoneflies and as an attractor pattern. It first burst onto the scene at the Jackson Hole One-Fly competition. Guy Turck is a guide in this charity event that raises money to protect Idaho’s Snake River.

Hook: 2X-long dry-fly hook, size 8.
Thread: Brown, size A.
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet fibers.
Body: Hare-ear dubbing, dressed thick.
Wing: White over brown calftail with strands of pearl Krystal Flash.
Legs: Brown rubber legs.
Head: Deer hair, spun and clipped to shape.











Adult May

tied by Shane Stalcup

Denver, Colorado

Shane Stalcup is becoming recognized as a leading designer of innovative flies. His reputation has grown beyond the Rocky Mountains. This pattern, called the Adult May, is an example of his creativity. The realistic wings are cut from lightweight material called Medallion Sheeting. Select all materials to match the colors of the natural mayflies. This delicate pattern is surprisingly durable.

Hook: Regular dry-fly hook, sizes 20 to 14.
Thread: Size 8/0.
Tail: Synthetic tailing fibers.
Abdomen: Goose or turkey biot.
Wing: Medallion Sheeting.
Thorax: Dry-fly dubbing.
Hackle: Dry-fly hackle.

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