Jock Scott

Jock Scott

Hook: Black 6/0 (140 denier).
Tag: Fine oval silver tinsel and yellow silk floss.
Tail: A golden pheasant crest feather and Indian crow.
Butt: Black ostrich herl.
Body: Rear half-buttercup-yellow silk floss veiled on the top and bottom with yellow toucan feathers, and a middle butt of black ostrich herl. Front half-black silk floss.
Rib: Fine oval silver tinsel over the rear half of the body, and flat and lace silver tinsel over the front half of the body.
Hackle: Natural black cock hackle, spiral-wrapped over the front half of the body.
Throat: Speckled guinea fowl.
Underwing: Two strips of white-tipped turkey tail set back to back.
Wing: Married strands of peacock wing, yellow swan, scarlet swan, blue swan, speckley bustard, Florican bustard, and golden phesant tail. On the outside are narrow married strips of teal and black-barred wood duck, and wide strips of brown mallard with two strands of peacock sword tied over the upper edge of each wing.
Sides: Jungle cock.
Cheecks: Blue chatterer.
Topping: Golden pheasant crest feather.
Horns: Blue and yellow macaw.

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