Finished Cased Caddis

Finished Cased Caddis

Hook: Medium- or heavy-wire, 2X- or 3X-long nymph hooks, sizes 14 to 4.
Thread: Gel spun or Kevlar, or your favorite brand of extra-strong thread: white, cream, pale yellow, and pale green.
Weight: Lead wire or adhesive-back lead foil.
Larva head: Acrylic yarn: cream, white, very pale green, or very pale yellow. Also try rug yarn or sparkle yarn with Antron. This yarn should be slightly thinner than the yarn used to tie the Peeping Caddis. Note:Wool yarn WILL NOT work.
Legs: Stripped fibers from a golden-pheasant center tail feather. This technique creates a little hook on the end of the fiber that looks just like the jointed leg of a caddis larva. Note: The fibers on a ring-necked pheasant tail feather don’t work as well.
Case: Tightly packed, spun deer hair. Trim the hair close to the hook to imitate a fine sand caddis case. Dark hare’s-ear dubbing—trimmed close—creates the appearance of debris. Very dark quill fibers such as crow, dark turkey, or hen pheasant tail—cut, crumpled, mixed, and then trimmed close and picked out—look like woody debris. Large, soft, black or dark brown hackle, wrapped very close and trimmed square, gives a crossed-stick effect. Use any of these techniques to imitate the cased-caddis larvae in your local stream.

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