Bubblehead Clinging Nymph

Bubblehead Clinging Nymph

Hook: 2X- to 3X-long nymph hook such as the Tiemco TMC200R, sizes 18 to 10.
Thread: Light cahill, tan, or olive 6/0 (140 denier).
Tails: Synthetic paintbrush fibers.
Abdomen: Organza ribbon (your choice of color), Ultra Wire (size Brassie in ginger, olive, copper, brown, or black), and size 14 Mylar tinsel. Organza ribbon is used to wrap presents and dress up flower arrangements. Look for it in craft and fabric stores. Avoid ribbon containing wire along its edges.
To create a synthetic herl, first glance at photo 3 in the tying sequence to see the end result. Notice that a short piece of ribbon edge has been clipped and trimmed at an angle. The fibers that originally ran lengthwise have also been stripped out. To do this, push a bodkin inside the woven edge near the tip. Drag the needle out through the end to free the fibers. Grasp the fibers and peel away.
Back strap: Nymph Skin or Scud Back.
Thorax/head: Copper brown, brown, or black Ultra Wire, size Brassie.
Legs: Ginger, tan, or natural gray ostrich herl, or the smallest diameter rubber strands you can find or small Spanflex in a suitable color.
Additional items: Fine-tipped tweezers, black or dark brown marking pens, five-minute epoxy, aluminum foil, toothpicks, and a piece of junk Styrofoam to hold drying flies.

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