Trout Nymph Fly Recipes
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Ice Cream Cone
Iced Chironomid
Isonychia Velma Nymph
Jak’s Ausable
Jak’s Gold-Ribbed Hare’s Ear
JC Callibaetis Emerger
Kyle’s HFH Caddis, Tan
Latex Caddis Larva
Len’s Stick Caddis
Lint Bug
Little Green Machine
Mercury Midge
Minute Midge Larva
Minute Midge Pupa
Missouri River Sow Bug
Mo Joe Midge Pupa
Morris Emerger, Callibaetis
Nadica’s Stonefly Nymph
Olive Marabou Damselfly Nymph
P.O.P (Pheasant, Ostrich, and Peacock) Emerger
Panfish Nymph
Paraleptophlebia Nymph
Peeping Caddis
Perla Stone Fly Creeper
Pheasant Tail Bad Thorax (PTBT) Nymph
Pheasant-Tail Chironomid Pupa
Prince Nymph
Rhyacophilia Larva
Rock Worm
Rubber-Leg Fox Squirrel Nymph
San Juan Worm
Sawyer's Pheasant-Tail Nymph
Skip Nymph
Skip's Furry Dragon
Sow Bug
Sparkle Furry Dragon
Stacker Super-Swim Hex Emerger
Stillwater Caddis Pupa
Swimming Caddis Pupa
Swimming Hydropsyche Larva
Tellico Nymph
Theo's Danger Baby
Theo’s Black Devil
Theo’s Bomber
Theo’s Long Tall Sally
VW Diver
VW Emerger
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