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The 4 Bass Flies You Must Tie
Article & Photography by  David Klausmeyer

Hold on tight! It’s “lunker time.”

Whether I’m casting to largemouth or smallmouth bass, I always carry these four flies in my warmwater fly-fishing kit. They are easy to tie, and the big bass love them. While I could make more complicated patterns, I doubt that they would catch more fish.


It's Knot Difficult
Article & Photography by Bill “Bugs” Logan

Conquering a hand-tied whip-finish is like learning to tie your shoes: It’s tough only until you get the hang of it.  

Do you remember struggling to learn to tie your shoelaces? We have all come such a long way since that grand moment of success and independence. My mom showed me how to do the deed while telling me that a rabbit, when chased around a tree, dives into its hole. Now I tie one fine bow, and sometimes even double my knots.

Hook Sense
Let’s get right to the point regarding hook selection. Use these tips to choose—or create—the perfect hook.
by Bill “Bugs” Logan
Mom's Worry

Stu Apte is a legendary angler, guide, and fly designer—and a hell of a nice guy. When the master speaks about tarpon and tarpon flies, we should all listen.
by Don Reed

Water Walkers

These double parachutes land right and float forever. They’re just the ticket when fishing turbulent water.
article by Al & Gretchen Beatty
photography by David Klausmeyer

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