Amazing Odonata
Article & Photography by Igor and Nadica Stancev

Dragonflies and damselflies have inhabited the earth for many millennia, and they are important to modern fly fishers. If you fish slow-moving or still waters, be sure to carry these two damsel imitations.

Odonata, which in Latin means “toothed,” was the name given to a fantastic order of insects by the scientist Johann Fabricius in 1793. Odonata includes Zygoptera (damselflies) and Anisoptera (dragonflies).

Hot Legs

by Oliver Edwards 

Discover 6 ways to add durable legs to your nymph imitations.

It has become almost mandatory to add legs to nymphs, pupae, and some larvae imitations, but are these appendages necessary in every instance? The answer is that it depends what the real insects are doing when you are fishing.


Hook Sense
Let’s get right to the point regarding hook selection. Use these tips to choose—or create—the perfect hook.
by Bill “Bugs” Logan
Mom's Worry

Stu Apte is a legendary angler, guide, and fly designer—and a hell of a nice guy. When the master speaks about tarpon and tarpon flies, we should all listen.
by Don Reed

Water Walkers

These double parachutes land right and float forever. They’re just the ticket when fishing turbulent water.
article by Al & Gretchen Beatty
photography by David Klausmeyer

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