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Muzzy’s the Master
by David Klausmeyer

Edward Muzeroll is building a reputation for dressing beautiful classic salmon flies, but he ties nice “fish” flies, too.

This is an article about a master fly maker. He can do things with feathers, floss, and fur that are beyond my comprehension. I tie nymphs, wet flies, dry flies, bass bugs, and saltwater patterns—you know, stuff for real fishing. I even wrote a book about how to tie traditional freshwater streamers. But making full-dress Atlantic salmon flies—I just can’t do it.
Freestyle Fly Tying with Freethinking Ronn Lucas

Whether designing unusual salmon patterns or making custom hooks, multitalented Lucas is pushing the envelope of what it means to tie flies.

Peter Smith: The Pro's Pro
He carved out a unique market and ties flies for some of the best saltwater guides in the business.